Loose Leaf Coconut Tea

A Tropical Vacation for the Senses – No Passport Needed!

Loose Leaf Coconut Tea - Coconut Palm Trees

So, Coconuts, Huh?

You probably know that coconuts are the fruit from the coconut palm tree. Coconut palms are grown in more than 90 countries, with a total annual production over 60 million tons. Almost 3/4 of the world’s production comes from tropical Asia, including Indonesia, the Philippines, and India.

We say heck yes to coconut! It’s like taking your taste buds on an island vacation! And unlike some tropical beverages, CommuniTea Center’s coconut teas do not taste like sunscreen! Instead, the natural coconut flavor is light, sweet, and refreshing.


Loose Leaf Coconut Tea - Coconut Cracked Open

Did You Know…?

The word “coconut” comes from the 16th-century term coco, meaning “head” in Spanish or Portuguese. Apparently, explorers at that time thought that coconut fruits looked like heads.

Tall coconut trees (Cocos nucifera var. typica) can grow nearly 100 feet tall! They produce their first fruit in 6-10 years, but reach peak production in 15-20 years. In ideal conditions, a single tree can produce up to 75 coconut fruits each year.

Coconuts are one of Mother Nature’s most versatile gifts. People commonly use its oil and milk for cooking, as well as an ingredient in soaps and cosmetics. Its husks and leaves can become a variety of product for furnishing, like ropes, mats, brushes, and sacks, plus caulking for boats, or stuffing fiber for mattresses.

In parts of Thailand and Malaysia, trained monkeys (pig-tailed macaques) will harvest coconuts!



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(O) = contains 95% or more organic ingredients



Loose Leaf Coconut Tea: Black Tea Blend

Loose leaf coconut tea: Cocoa-Coco Chai black tea blend arranged around a cup of beautiful black tea


Masala chai—Florida style! We start with an organic black tea base, and then add spices like cinnamon and clove. Then we take our chai in a new and exciting direction: A chocolatey twist, with a little coconut, too!

Loose Leaf Coconut Tea: Green Tea Blend

Loose Leaf Coconut Tea: organic green tea blend, Coconut Pineapple Paddleboard, with coconut, pineapple, and banana, arranged around a cup of beautiful green tea


Nothing says warm weather and balmy breezes like the tropical fruit flavors in this blend. In addition to the coconut and pineapple, we include the sweet stylings of guava, mango, and passionfruit natural fruit flavors, too. This green tea blend is especially sweet and refreshing as an iced tea – no sugar needed.

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