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Stephanie sitting down to a pot of tea, the day CommuniTea Center started

CommuniTea Center started with a pot of tea…

It was my birthday, and my mom and I were out to celebrate in style. We went to a fancy afternoon tea, complete with finger sandwiches, scones (with clotted cream! and homemade jam!!), and a bunch of adorably delicious desserts.

“This is the best feeling!” I said. “I’m so comfortable, and relaxed, and happy. I wish I could share this feeling with other people!!”

And that is how CommuniTea Center started: a tiny spark of an idea that just lead to one inspiration after another. A few months later, I packed up my car and my dog and drove cross country in search of tea adventures.

Fast forward a bit…

Here we are selling tea at farmers markets and special events throughout South Florida. We proudly provide high quality loose leaf teas, wellness-inspired Thera-Teas™,  teaware, and gifts for any occasion.

It’s quite an arduous process, tasting and blending teas, herbs, and ingredients from across the globe, but somebody had to do it. 😆 In the end, we selected only the best of the best to bring to you! We regularly update our menu, but we always choose organic or fair trade ingredients whenever possible.

One day we plan to have our own tea cafe, but in the meantime, you can visit us at one of our farmers markets or events or order online!

CommuniTea Center at a farmers market in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
CommuniTea Center is all about empowering, inspiring, and connecting.

CommuniTea Center is about people connecting over tea.

It’s about taking a moment out of your hectic schedule to relax, be present, and enjoy the moment. It’s also about savoring the connections with new or old friends made over a cup of tea.

And with CommuniTea Center teas, you can feel good about drinking all-natural, healthy teas and tisanes that are good AND good for you!!

It’s all about empowering, inspiring, and connecting!

We can’t wait to connect with you over tea!



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