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Want to know all about teas? Well, you came to the right place — Here at CommuniTea Center, we LOVE talkin’ tea!!

We’ve written a handy dandy introduction to the exciting world of tea and herbal teas, and we’ve even included suggestions on steeping some of the different varieties. 

(Yes, we said “exciting” and we meant it!)


Tea 101 and Iced Tea 101 below are wonderful starting points. You can prepare any tea hot or iced using our directions there.

Of course if you want to know even more, check out our Tea Blog for Tea Tips, Insights, and Recipes! Or, click on an individual tea type page (ex: Green Tea or Herbal Tea) in the menu above.


To start:

Scroll down and read on to learn all about teas, iced teas, and herbs, too!

Tea 101

Here is a great introduction to the different types of true tea (black, green, white, oolong, etc) and herbals.  Plus, you can find general steeping guidelines to help you get started.

All About Teas- Organic Loose Leaf English Breakfast- Black Tea Blend
All About Teas - Organic Loose Leaf Jasmine Green Tea
All About Teas - Organic Loose Leaf Wellness Tea for Inflammation - Turmeric Ginger

Iced Tea 101

We Americans love our iced tea, especially during the hot summers!  But how do you make it using loose leaf tea?  We’ve got a few different options to help you.

All About Teas - Iced Tea 101

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