Loose Leaf Green Tea
for Tea Traditionalists, Explorers, and Health Enthusiasts

Basket of freshly picked loose leaf green tea

CommuniTea Center’s Loose Leaf Green Tea

(O) = contains 95% or more organic ingredients

Loose leaf green tea - Crispy Dragon, or Genmaicha - organic sencha with toasted rice kernels

This is our version of genmaicha, which is a Japanese green tea with toasted brown rice kernels. Sometimes, the rice grains pop during the roasting process–that’s why people often call it “popcorn tea.” Our “Crispy Dragon” starts with organic sencha, which imparts a smooth, grassy flavor that complements the toasted rice perfectly

Organic loose leaf green tea, arranged around a cup of beautiful green tea


Pure green tea, grown high in the mountains by an organic tea co-op in Hubei, China. “Jade Mist” naturally has a nutty, sweet flavor that is incredibly smooth.

Organic loose leaf green tea scented with jasmine blossoms, arranged around a cup of beautiful green tea

This one is a classic! We start with a sweet, elegant, fair trade green tea, also grown by the above organic tea cooperative in the Wuling Mountains. Freshly-picked jasmine blossoms are gently stirred in with the green tea leaves and then removed after their fragrant scent permeates the tea. The result is heavenly!!

Organic loose leaf green tea with lemon and ginger, arranged around a cup of beautiful green tea

This green tea blend has all-organic ingredients, including lemongrass, ginger root, and lemon myrtle. It’s deliciously soothing… the lemon and green tea flavors hit your taste buds first, and there is a nice ginger spiciness to the finish. Not too intense–just riiiiiight!


It’s wonderful either hot or cold.  And you can enjoy the health benefits, knowing you’re drinking something good for you! Not only do you get lots of antioxidants from the green tea, but the ginger also has anti-inflammatory properties and helps your digestive system. Win-win!

Loose leaf green tea with lavender pressed into mini-cakes or buttons- Lovely Lavender - surrounding a cup of beautiful green tea

“Lovely Lavender” is an organic green tea with lavender. That’s it! Simple, delicious, soothing…

But what’s unique about this tea is that it’s compressed into mini-cakes, or “buttons,” containing 3 servings of tea apiece. Drop the button into hot water, and watch the leaves open and release their delicious taste and aroma. Y.U.M.

Note: CommuniTea Center has partnered with TEA w/ Friends™ to put on gatherings of tea lovers throughout South Florida. “Lovely Lavender” has been chosen to be the TEA w/ Friends™ signature tea!

Organic loose leaf green tea with peppermint and chai spices, arranged around a cup of beautiful green tea

Inspired by traditional recipes for Moroccan Mint green tea, Mo’ Rockin’ Minty Chai combines green tea and peppermint leaves but adds classic chai spices like cardamom, ginger, and clove.

Can be infused like a regular tea, boiled with milk like Masala Chai, or boiled with sugar and water in the North African custom.

Organic loose leaf green tea with pomegranate and raspberry, arranged around a cup of beautiful green tea

High quality green tea blend (sencha and yun wu tea) pairs wonderfully with delectable raspberries and pomegranate. Sweet, tart, and tangy all at once! A perfect, fruity pick-me-up!

Organic loose leaf green tea with strawberry, arranged around a cup of beautiful green tea

Grandpa used to bring us delicious, sun-ripened strawberries picked fresh from a local farm. Sipping this tea brings back memories. It’s especially delicious iced. Yum!

Loose leaf green tea - Organic Japanese Matcha - Stone-Ground Green Tea Powder - in two different size tins

Matcha is made of green tea leaves that are stone-ground into a fine powder. The powder is whisked with hot water (or milk, for a matcha latte). Because you’re drinking the leaf itself (instead of an infusion made with the tea leaf), you get more antioxidants and more caffeine than regular tea. Plus, CommuniTea Center’s matcha is organic and yes, it’s actually from Japan! No imitations allowed!

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