New Spring Tea Blends – Now on the CommuniTea Center Menu!

New Spring Tea - Indian Tea Workers in a FieldRecently, in our last Tea Blog post, we chronicled all the exciting stuff going on with tea around the world. Springtime is generally the busiest season for tea plantations, with new growth flourishing after winter’s quiet. Workers speedily pluck the season’s first offerings, and they’re ready for a teacup near you! Here at CommuniTea Center, we’ve got spring fever, and we’re introducing our new spring tea blends! Get excited!!!


Springtime for Teas – What’s Going on in the Tea World Right Now – First Flush, Plucking Schedules, Etc.!

Springtime for Teas - Sleepy Tea Plantation in VietnamHappy spring, tea lovers of the Northern Hemisphere! We recently celebrated the Equinox, so we’re ready for the arrival of cheerful sunshine, chirping birds, warmer temperatures, and, of course, yummy spring teas. Springtime for teas means the plants are waking up after a period of dormancy in winter and starting to grow again.

They’re beginning the journey to your teacup!



Tea in Ireland: A Fun Retrospective – Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Tea in Ireland - Blarney CastleIn honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we’re turning to the beautiful, lush Emerald Isle. We’re going to look at Ireland’s most popular beverage! Contrary to popular belief, it’s not beer. Actually, it’s tea! Tea in Ireland is important stuff.

In fact, Ireland is the #3 country in tea consumption. On average, Irish folks consume more than 7 pounds of tea per person each year. That works out as 4 or more cups of tea each day. (For comparison purposes, Turkey is #1 with 27.5 lb/person. The US is #70 with 3/4 of a pound per person.)

So how do the Irish take their tea? Seriously. Very seriously…


Overnight Iced Tea – Cold-Brewing Tea While You Sleep – Easy and Delicious

Overnight Iced Tea - Mason Jar of TeaLast week, we talked about making a large quantity of tea. To summarize, you obey one rule: always follow the package directions for steeping time and water temperature. What’s different for larger quantities is that you add more tea leaves, in proportion to the number of servings you’re steeping. However, today we’re going to talk about the one instance where you actually get to break the rule: overnight iced tea!

Another way to refer to this process is “cold-brewing.” With this method, you do have to vary the steeping time because the water temperature is so low. But you can rest easy, knowing when you wake up, you’ll have amazing, refreshing iced tea, ready to go!

So how do you cold-brew overnight iced tea? Read on to find out!