How to Make a Large Quantity of Tea – How to Brew a Whole Teapot – Or, Making Enough for a Tea Party

How to Make a Large Quantity of Tea - Floral Tea Set with Lots of CupsAre you wondering how to make a large quantity of tea, all at once?

Perhaps you’re hosting a tea party? Or, maybe you want to make a big ol’ pitcher of iced tea to keep in the fridge? Or likely, maybe you just don’t think that 8 ounces of tea in a standard serving is enough. (Yeah, me neither…)

On the back of each and every package of CommuniTea Center tea, we have specific directions on how to prepare it. For consistency’s sake, we have kept with the industry standard of 8 ounces per portion. However, most people don’t drink only 8 ounces at a time.

So what’s a tea lover to do if you want to make more tea? Read on…!


Tea for Immune System Support – The Best Teas for Colds & the Flu – Part 2

Tea for Immune System - Woman Sleeping on CouchLast week, we started a list of the Best Teas for Colds. Since we’re still in the middle of cold and flu season, let’s complete the list! Here, we’ve got even more blends of herbs and tea for immune system boosts!

If you’re feeling under the weather, or if everyone around you is sniffly and sneezy, it’s a good idea to look for teas containing the ingredients on the list.

We’ll have everyone staying healthy or feeling better in no time!



Best Teas for Colds – For a Boost During Cold & Flu Season, Drink Tea!

Best Teas for Colds - Tea for Immune Boost - Teas for Immune SupportFeeling a little under the weather? In the US, cold and flu season is generally during the fall and winter months, with a peak between December and March. That means we’re probably right in the middle of all the yuckiness. Womp womp. But worry not, tea lovers! Today we’re gonna tell you about the best teas for colds. Lots of tea blends and herbs can have immune-boosting properties!

We had quite a run on “Cold CombatThera-TeaTM recently, but fortunately, we’ve made more! Like “Cold Combat,” the best teas for colds have certain ingredients that can support your immune system.

Read on to find out what those are!


Benefits of Adaptogens – Part 3 – Holy Basil and Ashwagandha

Benefits of Adaptogens - Holy Basil or Tulsi PlantWe’re wrapping up our research on the fantastic world of adaptogenic herbs. At first, I was quite skeptical. But now, after reading the research, I’m a believer–the benefits of adaptogens are awesome!

Adaptogen is a term from natural medicine. It refers to a powerful herb that helps the body recover and re-balance from stress. Overall, its effect is to help you adapt to stressful environmental factors and avoid damage from them.

The criteria to be considered an adaptogen is really strict. As a result, only a few herbs are on the list. But some of the ones that consistently make the cut are:


And now, we’d like to add ashwagandha and holy basil (or tulsi) to the list!

Tea for Love – For You and Your Valentine – Happy V-Day!

Tea for Love - Lovers FeetHappy February! Happy month of LOOOOOOVE! We’re getting into the spirit here at CommuniTea Center, and you can, too! In celebration of the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday, here’s a fun (read: mostly nonscientific!) list of traditional aphrodisiacs, herbs, and tea for love!

No Valentine, no problem! We’re all about loving love — in all its forms! Treat yourself to a little indulgence! Or, feel free to celebrate with a friend, relative, or even your dog or cat! (But don’t share your tea with your pet. Humans only!)