Tea for Immune System - Woman Sleeping on CouchLast week, we started a list of the Best Teas for Colds. Since we’re still in the middle of cold and flu season, let’s complete the list! Here, we’ve got even more blends of herbs and tea for immune system boosts!

If you’re feeling under the weather, or if everyone around you is sniffly and sneezy, it’s a good idea to look for teas containing the ingredients on the list.

We’ll have everyone staying healthy or feeling better in no time!



6) Tea for Immune System: Ginseng

We’ve talked about ginseng before, and the research is still true. It definitely can boost the immune system, plus it has antimicrobial effects (Scaglione et al., 1996Im, Kim, Min, 2016).

CommuniTea Center’s Ginseng DetoxThera-TeaTM is an excellent choice for a ginseng tea!


Tea for Immune System - Box of Tissues


7) Tea for Immune System: Hibiscus

Hibiscus tea is also a good choice! Studies show it has immune-stimulating properties, too (Fakeye et al., 2008; Mishra, Tandon, and Gupta, 2012). A cup of pure hibiscus tea will give you around 44 mg of Vitamin C, or 75% of your recommended daily amount, based on a 2,000 calorie diet (Source).

CommuniTea Center has lots of terrific hibiscus options. Choose from:


8) Tea for Immune System: Holy Basil

Holy Basil, like ginseng, is another adaptogenic herb. Adaptogen is a term from natural medicine, referring to a powerful herb that helps the body recover and re-balance from stress.

We’ve talked about holy basil (also known as tulsi) in depth here, but we’d like to remind you of its immune-boosting properties (Mondal et al., 2011) and its antimicrobial effects (Mistry et al., 2014Mallikarjun et al, 2016). A cup of holy basil tea comes with a ton of additional health benefits, so drink up!

For more earthy, spicy holy basil in your life, check out:


Tea for Immune System - Cup of Tea Next to Bed


9) Tea for Immune System: Licorice

Licorice tea is super good for you as well. We’ve profiled it in depth here, plus it may be especially beneficial during cold and flu season. It has antiviral and antimicrobial effects, plus additional anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor properties (Wang et al., 2015). Powerful stuff!

We’ve got a variety of delicious tea options for you with licorice root:


10) Tea for Immune System: Rosehips

Finally, our last tea ingredient on the list is rosehips. Rosehips are actually the fruit from a rose bush, and they’re super high in Vitamin C. (For the most potent effect, choose fresh rosehips, since the Vitamin C levels tend to decline over time).

We’ve also got lots of rosehip tea blends for you, and they’re quite yummy:


Tea for Immune System - Cartoon Nurse

Thanks for checking out our list, tea lovers!

It’s our hope to keep you happy and healthy, no matter what time of year, or what cooties are going around!


A word of caution…

Please consult a doctor before using any nutritional product, including teas and herbal teas. But especially if you’re pregnant, nursing, taking other medications or supplements, or have any illness! The statements in this Tea Blog post have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Lastly, these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



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