Tea for Love - Lovers FeetHappy February! Happy month of LOOOOOOVE! We’re getting into the spirit here at CommuniTea Center, and you can, too! In celebration of the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday, here’s a fun (read: mostly nonscientific!) list of traditional aphrodisiacs, herbs, and tea for love!

No Valentine, no problem! We’re all about loving love — in all its forms! Treat yourself to a little indulgence! Or, feel free to celebrate with a friend, relative, or even your dog or cat! (But don’t share your tea with your pet. Humans only!)



Tea for Love Ingredient #1: Damiana Leaf

Damiana is a small shrub from Central and South America. Ancient Aztecs and Mayans–plus more modern folks–have used it throughout the ages.

Supposedly, damiana increases sexual desire and also acts as a general tonic to improve wellness. It relaxes the nerves, stimulates digestion, enhances mood, and serves as an enjoyable beverage, for both children and adults.


Tea for Love Ingredient #2: Rose Petals

Tea for Love - Rose BlossomsNearly every gal swoons when her fella gets her a beautiful bouquet of roses (hint hint). But did you know that rose can also make a delicious tea? It’s really uplifting!

Plus, roses have had a long connection to love. For example:

  • In ancient Greece and Rome, roses symbolized devotion to Aphrodite/Venus, the goddess of love.
  • Cleopatra filled her rooms with fresh rose petals as part of her plan to seduce Marc Antony. She wanted him to remember the opulence and to think of her every time he smelled a rose. (Note: I think the plan worked…)
  • During the Victorian Era, restrictive social taboos prevented a lot of open conversation. So, people used roses and different flowers to communicate secret messages. For more about Victorian floriography, head here!
  • Today, different colored roses reflect different kinds of love (Source: ProFlowers):
    • Red roses = romantic love
    • Yellow roses = friendship
    • Pink roses = gratitude
    • White roses = love within a marriage, or new beginnings
    • Orange roses = passion

And they all smell yummy!!


Tea for Love Ingredient #3: Nutmeg

You may be surprised that the nutmeg in your kitchen cabinet is an aphrodisiac. Many people in the Middle East, India, and China have historically consumed nutmeg to make both men and woman more flirtatious and vivacious.

In fact, the spice can serve as a mild painkiller, stimulate the circulatory system, and increase blood flow — which surely can’t hurt your sex drive. (Wink wink.)


Tea for Love Ingredient #4: Ginseng

Tea for Love - Feet Tangled Under the SheetsPanax ginseng doesn’t really look sexy, but it may improve certain sexual issues, including erectile disfunction in men and low arousal in women (evidence here).

Most likely, ginseng helps by relaxing muscles and improving circulation. Some studies show it may also increase stamina in intense physical activity, like exercise (evidence here).

For more on ginseng and its powers, check out this blog post! And for a sexy photo of ginseng, head to this page!


Tea for Love Ingredient #5: Lavender

Lavender has inspired feelings of calmness and love for millennia. It’s especially balancing for the heart chakra (from Sanskrit, chakra = a center of spiritual energy in the body). In particular, the heart chakra is the powerful center of love, joy, compassion and connection with others.

Western folklore also links lavender and love. For example, on St. Luke’s Day in England, single maidens would sip lavender tea and sing:

St. Luke, St. Luke, be kind to me,

In my dreams, let me my true love see.

Lavender is a particularly soothing tea. Perhaps once you’re calm and relaxed, your senses are awakened and you’re more receptive to love… And visions of your future hubby…

Tea for Love Ingredient #6: Chocolate

Chocolate increases serotonin and endorphin levels in the brain, which gives you a sense of pleasure. It may also reduce levels of cortisol, the stress hormone.

If anyone wants to give me chocolate for V-day, I accept!


Tea for Love - Chocolate and Roses


CommuniTea Center’s “Tea for Love” list, with the above ingredients:


We are also debuting a special, limited V-day Blend: “Chai Love You,” a black tea with chai spices (like nutmeg!) and lavender and rose.

We’re super duper excited about this one, folks! Please stay tuned!!





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