Loose Leaf Acai Tea

A Gift from the Amazon

Loose Leaf Acai Tea

To Begin, What’s an Acai Berry, Anyway?

The acai berry (or, technically, spelled “açaí” and pronounced “ah-sigh-EE“) is a superfruit from the Amazon. Actually, it grows on a species of palm tree, native to Brazil, Trinidad, and northern South America. Acai berries are dark purple or green–similar to a grape, but smaller.


What Does Acai Do?

Recently, there’s been a bit of controversy over the claims of some acai producers. In the mid-2000s, various celebrities and organizations marketed acai supplements as miraculous weight loss products. Unfortunately, those claims are pretty unreliable.

However, some studies have shown that acai has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties (da Silva Cristino Cordeiro et al., 2017; Torma et al., 2017). Also, it may have an anti-cancer effect (Choi et al., 2016).


Loose Leaf Acai Tea? . . . Yes!

Regardless of the marketing hype, we think that loose leaf acai tea is delicious! And with the possibility of added health benefits from acai berries, we say, drink up, tea lovers!




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Loose Leaf Acai Tea: White Tea Blend

Loose Leaf Acai Tea: Tropical Staycation blend arranged around a cup of beautiful white tea


Here in ‪‎Florida‬, we are spoiled… Who needs a tropical getaway, when the beach is your backyard? But anyone–Floridian or not!–can taste the tropics with “Tropical Staycation.” To the organic ‪‎white tea‬ base, we add pineapple, acai berry, hibiscus, currants, and apple. And the taste is sweet and refreshing!

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