Loose Leaf Ginger Tea
Yummy and Amazingly Good for You!
Loose Leaf Ginger Tea

Loose leaf ginger tea is powerful stuff!

Due to its fragrant, sharp taste and its many health benefits,

people have been using ginger for thousands of years–

both to flavor foods and as an important part of herbal medicine.



Loose Leaf Ginger Tea - Fresh Ginger KnobTo Start, What Is Ginger?

If you were wondering, ginger is a spicy, aromatic root that grows in pale, lumpy bulbs. Although it’s not the most attractive spice, it definitely is super awesome!

Additionally, ginger actually comes from the same plant family as both turmeric and cardamom, all powerhouse spices in their own right, with a wide variety of health benefits.

Most likely, ginger originated in the warmer climates of southern Asia. But now, it’s grown in parts of South America and Africa, as well.


Loose Leaf Ginger Tea - Heart-Shaped Slice of Fresh GingerSo What Does Loose Leaf Ginger Tea Do for You?

Because we’re so nice, we’ve combed through a whole bunch of scientific experiments. So now you don’t have to! As a result of our research, we’ve found multiple studies which concluded that ginger and/or ginger tea:

  • Helps relieve stomach and digestion issues, like nausea and vomiting
  • Reduces inflammation, swelling, and pain
  • Has powerful antioxidant properties
  • Helps treat and prevent scary degenerative diseases, including cardiovascular disease and cancer

If you want any additional information, please check out the evidence here. Because science!!




Please scroll down to read more about CommuniTea Center’s loose leaf ginger tea blends!

(O) = contains 95% or more organic ingredients



Loose Leaf Ginger Tea: Black Tea Blend
Loose Leaf Ginger Tea: Chai Delight Black Tea Blend arranged around a cup of beautiful chai tea

This is CommuniTea Center’s recipe for a classic masala chai. To start, we have a Darjeeling tea base, then add yummy spices. This includes ginger, of course, plus cinnamon and cardamom. We also sweeten the deal with some real vanilla bean pieces.

Overall, the result is simply delightful… hence the name, “Chai Delight”!

Loose Leaf Ginger Tea: Green Tea Blends
Loose Leaf Ginger Tea: Lemon Ginger Allure green tea blend arranged around a cup of beautiful green tea

This green tea blend has all-organic ingredients, including lemongrass, lemon myrtle, and ginger root. It’s deliciously soothing… the lemon and green tea flavors hit your taste buds first, and there is a nice ginger spiciness to the finish. Not too intense–just riiiiiight!


It’s wonderful either hot or cold. And you can enjoy the health benefits, knowing you’re drinking something good for you!

Loose Leaf Ginger Tea: Mo' Rockin' Minty Chai green tea blend, arranged around a cup of beautiful green tea

Inspired by traditional recipes for Moroccan Mint green tea, “Mo’ Rockin’ Minty Chai” includes green tea and peppermint leaves. But what makes it really special is the addition of classic chai spices like cardamom, ginger, and clove.

This tea can be infused like a regular tea, boiled with milk like Masala Chai, or boiled with sugar and water in the North African custom.

Loose Leaf Ginger Tea: Rooibos Blend
Loose leaf ginger tea: 90 Miles to Cuba organic rooibos blend arranged around a cup of beautiful rooibos tea

Key West is the inspiration behind “90 Miles to Cuba!” From snorkeling, to exploring Ernest Hemingway’s house, to zipping around on scooters–Key West is really fun! And, you can even visit a big sign at the southernmost point that says “90 Miles to Cuba.”

In this loose leaf rooibos blend, the zesty taste of lime meets the spicy tang of ginger. Additionally, lemongrass, tangerine essential oil, and licorice root round out the recipe. It’s spicy, tropical, and FUN!

Enjoy it either hot or iced… and imagine you’re on vacation!

Loose Leaf Ginger Tea: Tisane (Herbal)
Loose leaf ginger tea: Lemon GoGo organic tisane, arranged around a cup of beautiful herbal tea

“Lemon GoGo” is made with goji berries, ginger, and lemon myrtle and lemongrass, for a sweet, spicy, and refreshing blend. It’s also wonderful either hot or iced.

Named after Grandpa, a.k.a. “Grandpa GoGo,” who was always driving the older ladies of his community back and forth to the grocery store. And he also chaffeured a certain tea-loving granddaughter on occasion… 🙂

Loose Leaf Ginger Tea: Thera-TeaTM Wellness Blends
Loose leaf ginger tea: Cold Combat organic wellness tea blend arranged around a cup of beautiful herbal tea

“Cold Combat” is perfect for soothing sore throats or helping fight off whatever nasty germs your kids or coworker oh-so-thoughtfully shared with you. It contains ginger, mint, licorice root, orange peel, clove, and echinacea. Plus, it tastes really good, too!

Loose Leaf Ginger Tea: Femme Fatale for PMS, Cramps, and Discomfort - Herbal Wellness Tea

If you (or a lady you love) turn into a dark, dangerous, and brooding creature for a few days each month, then “Femme Fatale may be able to help. It’s a soothing, minty blend, designed to ease you through THAT time of the month. It has a base of raspberry leaf, plus cramp bark, vitex berries, passionflower, and just a hint of ginger.


We recommend one cup of “Femme Fatale” in the morning and one cup (or a second infusion) in the afternoon on the days you’re most uncomfortable. If you can, start sipping the day before your discomfort for more effectiveness.

Loose Leaf Ginger Tea: Holy Chai wellness tea blend arranged around a cup of beautiful herbal tea

“Holy Chai” got its name because it’s so yummy, the Heavens open and a chorus of angels sings “Hallelujah” when you sip it. Or wait, maybe it’s because it’s made with holy basil, so it’s naturally caffeine-free? Well, it’s one of those… 😉

In addition to the tulsi (holy basil), we also add cinnamon, ginger, cloves, cardamom, and nutmeg. The result is a yummy, sweet and spicy tea experience.

Loose Leaf Ginger Tea: Turmeric Ginger wellness/herbal tea blend, arranged around a cup of beautiful herbal tea

Turmeric and ginger have been used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for centuries to treat a variety of ailments. In addition to gastrointestinal issues and colds, this combo is also used to relieve arthritis and pain. Traditional medicine practitioners believe that both these herbs fight inflammation, and that they’re especially effective together.

But it’s not only good for you… it’s also really GOOD!!

CommuniTea Center’s blend nicely balances out the spiciness with the sweetness of licorice root and the tang of citrus (lemon and orange). Try it with or without honey for a little variety…

Loose Leaf Ginger Tea: Turmeric Ginger wellness/herbal tea blend, arranged around a cup of beautiful herbal tea


This is a sweet, spicy powerhouse. Anti-inflammatory spices turmeric and ginger pair with the sweetness of cinnamon and licorice root.

Try it on its own, or add your choice of milk and sweetener. It’s yum and oh-so-good for you!!!

For more about the benefits of ginger, please click here!

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