Loose Leaf Mint Tea

Soothing, Cooling, Refreshing!

Loose Leaf Mint Tea - Fresh Mint Growing

So It’s Just Peppermint, huh?

Actually, there are up to 20 species of plants and a large number of hybrids that may or may not be in the mint family. (There’s some controversy among scientists.) Some of the most common–and the ones CommuniTea Center uses in our teas–are spearmint and peppermint.

Mint plants can be found growing naturally on 5 continents, except Antarctica and South America. Most species prefer a moist soil, and they may spread very quickly without restraint.

Whether just-picked or dried, mint leaves have a fresh, sweet flavor, with a cool aftertaste.


Loose Leaf Mint Tea - Fresh Mint in a GlassWhat Is Loose Leaf Mint Tea Good For?

Mint tea may soothe an upset stomach or any issues with digestion. Some herbalists recommend it for heartburn. Its refreshing aroma can aid in mental focus. Additionally, it’s reportedly effective for coughing and congestion.

According to Ayurveda, peppermint is a cooling herb, which is perfect if pitta becomes unbalanced. (More on that here.)

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(O) = contains 95% or more organic ingredients

Loose Leaf Mint Tea: Green Tea Blend

Loose Leaf Mint Tea: Mo' Rockin' Minty Chai green tea blend, arranged around a cup of beautiful green tea


Inspired by traditional recipes for Moroccan Mint green tea, “Mo’ Rockin’ Minty Chai” includes green tea and peppermint leaves. But what makes it really special is the addition of classic chai spices like cardamom, ginger, and clove.

This tea can be infused like a regular tea, boiled with milk like Masala Chai, or boiled with sugar and water in the North African custom.

Loose Leaf Mint Tea: Rooibos Blend

Loose Leaf Mint Tea: Hug in a Cup rooibos blend, arranged around a cup of beautiful herbal tea


Ever have one of those days where you don’t feel like yourself? Maybe you’re a little blue, or perhaps you’re kinda stressed. Maybe you’re not feeling well, too. Well, “Hug in a Cup” is a tea for those days. ❤️️

It’s just 3 organic ingredients blended together, so it’s very simple: peppermint, chamomile, and rooibos. Yet somehow the combination is so comforting…

Of course, if you need a real hug to go with your “Hug in a Cup,” we always have those in stock, too!

Loose Leaf Mint Tea: Thera-TeasTM – Herbal Wellness Blends

Loose leaf mint tea: Cold Combat organic wellness tea blend arranged around a cup of beautiful herbal tea


“Cold Combat” is perfect for soothing sore throats or helping fight off whatever nasty germs your kids or coworker oh-so-thoughtfully shared with you. It contains ginger, peppermint, licorice root, orange peel, clove, and echinacea. Plus, it tastes really good, too!

Loose Leaf Mint Tea: Femme Fatale wellness tea blend arranged around a cup of beautiful herbal tea


If you (or a lady you love) turn into a dark, dangerous, and brooding creature for a few days each month, then “Femme Fatale may be able to help. It’s a soothing, minty blend, designed to ease you through THAT time of the month. It has a base of raspberry leaf, plus spearmint, cramp bark, vitex berries, soothing passionflower, and just a hint of ginger.


We recommend one cup of “Femme Fatale” in the morning and one cup (or a second infusion) in the afternoon on the days you’re most uncomfortable. If you can, start sipping the day before your discomfort for more effectiveness.

Loose Leaf Mint Tea: Ginseng Detox wellness tea blend, arranged around a cup of beautiful herbal tea


For thousands of years throughout Asia, ginseng has been used as a medicine and tonic. According to tradition, it promotes longevity, vitality, overall health, and stamina.


In addition to ginseng, we also include a special blend of adaptogenic herbs, roots, and berries. We designed this special herbal blend to support the liver and purify the blood. But, since your tea still has to taste yummy, we’ve got peppermint, raspberries, and licorice root in the mix, too! And there’s no caffeine, so feel free to drink it at any time of the day or night!

Loose leaf mint tea: Sigh of Relief organic wellness tea blend arranged around a cup of beautiful herbal tea


If you have seasonal allergies, may we suggest “Sigh of Relief“? It’s a soothing, minty blend with slight citrus undertones. It works best when taken as a preventative tonic, but it’s never too late to get a little reprieve.


Sigh of Relief” has a base of nettle leaf to reduce inflammation and combat hay fever. In addition, fennel soothes the upper respiratory tract. Calendula flowers soothe the mouth and throat, too. Plus, there’s spearmint, peppermint, lemongrass, and stevia leaf to round out the flavor profile.

Loose Leaf Mint Tea: organic wellness tea blend, Sleepy Tea, arranged around a cup of beautiful herbal tea


After their initial purchase, customers frequently return asking for more “Sleepy Tea.” Some have told us that it helps them fall asleep, while others report that it helps them stay asleep throughout the night. Either way, we’re just happy that they’re getting some really good Zzzzz’s.

We think it’s the perfect finish to your day, with spearmint, chamomile, lemon balm, rose, and valerian. So, it’s yummy, soothing, and good for you!

Loose Leaf Mint Tea: organic wellness blend Tummy Comfort, surrounding a cup of beautiful herbal tea


Since everyone has tummy troubles from time to time, this lovely wellness tea may be quite helpful! For anyone who’s had indigestion, or who perhaps overindulged, keep some “Tummy Comfort” on hand. It’s quite soothing for an unhappy digestive system!

It contains peppermint, chamomile, and lemon balm, plus it has a sweet, minty taste that’s quite refreshing.

Loose Leaf Mint Tea: Pure and Simple

Loose Leaf Mint Tea: organic loose leaf peppermint arranged around a cup of beautiful herbal tea


Peppermint is one of the most versatile loose leaf herbs! Not only is it very soothing, but it’s also helpful for digestive issues, colds/congestion, and stress, to name a few.