Loose Leaf Peach Tea

Iced or Hot, a Sweet Classic That’s Sure to Please

Loose Leaf Peach Tea - Fresh, Juicy Peach Slices in a Tea Cup

You’re a Real Peach!

Peaches are a summer fruit, turning plump and juicy on the tree between June and August. Plus, nothing says summer in the South like a frosty cold glass of peach iced tea.

However, loose leaf peach tea is delicious year-round. Whether served hot or cold, the taste is sweet and refreshing!

So if someone says, “You’re a peach,” that’s quite a compliment!!


Did You Know?

  • Peaches and nectarines are actually the same species! The difference is that nectarines have a recessive gene for smooth skin, while peaches have the dominant fuzzy-skin gene.
  • The scientific name for peach, Prunus persica, means “Persian plum.” This is because early Europeans believed the fruit was native to Persia. However, present-day scientists now believe that peaches originated in China. Amazingly, recent evidence indicates that humans began domesticating the peach more than 7,500 years ago (Zheng, Crawford, and Chen, 2014).
  • Furthermore, peaches are in the same scientific genus (Prunus) as cherries, apricots, plums, and almonds. All those listed also belong in the rose family!


Loose Leaf Peach Tea - Basket of Peaches


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(O) = contains 95% or more organic ingredients

Loose Leaf Peach Tea: Black Tea Blend

Loose leaf peach tea: Just Peachy organic black tea blend arranged around a cup of beautiful black tea


First, our recipe starts with a yummy, well-balanced base of both Indian and Chinese organic black teas. Then, we add the natural peach essence. As a result, it’s delicious–just like a fresh-picked, sun-ripened peach!!

Try it hot, add milk and sugar, or even ice it. Any way you serve it, “Just Peachy” is just delicious!

Loose Leaf Peach Tea: White Tea Blend

Loose leaf peach tea: organic "Peach Jasmine" white tea blend, arranged around a cup of beautiful white tea


Because of its lovely combination of fruit and floral flavors, this is consistently one of our most popular teas. The peach and jasmine are more prominent, but the addition of tangerine and orange essential oils give this tea that “je ne sais quoi.” It’s light, refreshing, and perfectly balanced! Overall, the taste is subtle, but extremely yummy.

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