Loose Leaf Valerian Tea

Need help catching some Zzz’s? Valerian may be useful!

Loose Leaf Valerian Tea - Sleepy Puppy

To Start, What Is Valerian?

Loose Leaf Valerian TeaValerian is actually a flowering perennial, with sweetly-scented pink or white blossoms that emerge in the summer. It’s native to Europe and parts of Asia, but it now grows in North America as well.

Although the flowers have a lovely scent, the root smells rather like sweaty socks. However, the root is the part with medicinal properties. It doesn’t have a particularly lovely taste, either. That’s why at CommuniTea Center, we prefer to make loose leaf valerian tea blends with other herbs as well. We want our teas to taste good and to be good for you!

Ancient Greeks and Romans used valerian as a medicinal herb and a cure for insomnia. Today, we use it for relaxation, to aid in sleep, and occasionally for anxiety.


Next, Some Valerian Fun Facts:

  • Historically, valerian flowers have been used to make perfumes.
  • Cats and rats are highly attracted to the stinky smell of valerian root. In fact, the Pied Pieper allegedly used valerian to lure the rats away from the town of Hamelin (Germany).
  • In medieval Sweden, a groom about to be married would sometimes place strong-smelling plants, like garlic or valerian, in his clothes. This served as a precaution against the “envy” of the elves. Apparently, if an elven maiden desired the handsome groom, she might spirit him away to Elfland, instead of allowing him to marry his betrothed. Perhaps a stinky groom acted as an elf-repellant instead…? (Source: Northern Mythology by Benjamin Thorpe, pg, 64-66)
  • If you’re drinking loose leaf valerian tea, the sleep-promoting effect will become stronger over time. It reaches its full effect after a few weeks of regular use.
  • You shouldn’t combine valerian with any other sedatives, including alcohol, nor with medications that affect the liver.


Please scroll down to read more about CommuniTea Center’s loose leaf valerian tea blends!

(O) = contains 95% or more organic ingredients




Loose Leaf Valerian Tea Blends – Thera-TeasTM

Herbal Wellness Blends

Loose Leaf Valerian Tea: organic wellness tea blend, Sleepy Tea, arranged around a cup of beautiful herbal tea


After their initial purchase, customers frequently return asking for more “Sleepy Tea.” Some have told us that it helps them fall asleep, while others report that it helps them stay asleep throughout the night. Either way, we’re just happy that they’re getting some really good Zzzzz’s.

We think it’s the perfect finish to your day, with chamomile, mint, lemon balm, rose, and valerian. So it’s yummy, soothing, and good for you!

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